This Too Shall Pass

Many of us are facing difficult situations in our lives. It could be a death of a loved one, struggles in married life, chaos with the kids, or financial setbacks, but the point is that we all experience some sort of hardship. I want to encourage all of you by saying “This Too Shall Pass”. I know the situation seems impossible right now, but God will see us through. Life is a day by day process and we have to take it step by step. We must learn to choose our battles and know where our boundaries lie. Allow nothing to keep you in a place of impossibility. There is nothing in life, that could ever happen, that God cannot fix. We must know when to let stuff go. It is extremely unhealthy to hold onto toxic thoughts because we only poison ourselves. Therefore, the next time a difficult situation arises in your life just say: “this too shall pass”. It may take days, weeks, months, minutes, or hours, but utter those words. Our words and reactions determine how long we are in our situations. I have lived some life and found out that nothing remains the same.ย  I found myself saying, this too shall pass, not even 24 hours ago. Let us purpose to live our best lives in spite of what comes our way.


7 thoughts on “This Too Shall Pass

  1. Thank you both for your comments. I m grateful and honored to be able to share what God gives me. I appreciate y’all taking some time to read my God inspired writings. Love yall!


    1. Sis I think it is very important that we learn to encourage ourselves. At some point we must take God s word and be sure to apply it to our lives. I always say God put me up against your word and remove every thing that doesn’t fit into perfect alignment with the word of God. Hang in there sis it ‘ll only get better as you hold on.


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