Don’t Lose Momentum

Imagine your favorite activity you did as a small child. What does that look like for you? I can remember my white 12 speed bike that my parents surprised me with one Christmas. I believe I was 8 years old and I was excited to be able to ride a bigger bike. My dad taught me how to be fearless of going down hills. We had this big hill, up from our house, and I decided to conquer it one day. The bike was moving fast and I had to learn to deal with the building momentum of the speed.

My cousins and I would play in the snow during the winter months. We had sleds that would glide down those hills at a rapid speed. It was so exciting because we anticipated the momentum of speed that those sleds accumulated.

What assignment has God given you to complete in life? Have you heard God say, “Don’t Lose Momentum” pertaining to your assignment?  I personally have sat down on my creativity of writing for too many seasons. As God is thrusting me forward, in this season, I can hear him say, “don’t lose the momentum”, but keep going daughter. I have to write daily so I don’t become lazy in my writings. God has purpose for us to move at his speed. I know what procrastination and stagnation can do to any assignment that God gives us. It only yields frustration in our lives; however, it is much easier to keep up “The God Pace.”

There is a consistency that God wants us all to maintain in our lives. None of us can afford to slow down in this season. It is a wise choice to obey God quickly because we don’t know what we are sacrificing by moving too slow.

1 Samuel 15:22 (The Voice) Does the Eternal One delight in sacrifices and burnt offerings as much as in perfect obedience to His voice? Be certain of this: that obedience is better than sacrifice; to heed His voice is better than offering the fat of rams.

I will not interrupt God’s flow in my life. Do I have any witnesses out there that can vow the same thing? When we lose momentum or don’t fulfill our Godly assignments, we delay our destiny. There are people that God has assigned to our lives. They will be rerouted if we aren t flowing consistently in our destiny.

Don’t lose momentum in what God has called you to do. You never know whose life will be impacted by you staying the course. Our lives are for his glory. Let us all have a made up mind to keep pressing forward in our destiny.




How many of us have at least one biological sister? I personally have two sisters by birth, but I ‘ve gained plenty more by God’s divine placement. Sisters are truly our first set of friends. I am the baby, of my mom’s three children, and I have learned so much from my older sister. Sometimes the older sister takes up the slack to prevent trouble from coming in our direction. We must thank God for such special caliber of people. Being a sister means telling the truth even when the recipient doesn’t want to hear it. As sisters we have to be accountable to one another. A sister bond says, I have your back even when you aren’t in my presence. A sister will keep you honest to your truths and morals.

How many of us can say that we have praying sisters? I see my praying sisters weekly and my heart is filled with joy every time we meet. There is a blessed assurance to know we won’t face our battles alone.  I encourage each of you to ask God for a sister if you don’t have one in your life. A sister is one who can give enlightment about many situations. If your biological sister isn’t close to you, then pray for a reconciled relationship. We all need the right people in our lives. It is fair to say nobody on earth can navigate through life without any human assistance.

I cherish the sisters that I have in my life. A focal point that we can take from this: we must be our sister’s keeper. We live in a world to where some of us down talk one another. This should not exist at all because we need one another to survive. We must become a mature  and reliable sister so we can lead other sisters away from immaturity. Let us band together and bridge gaps for every sister. It doesn’t matter what their ethnic group is. We aren’t called to one specific race of people. Therefore let us show ourselves in a sisterly manner so we can grow together. Thank God for the creation of my sisters. I love all of you.

This Too Shall Pass

Many of us are facing difficult situations in our lives. It could be a death of a loved one, struggles in married life, chaos with the kids, or financial setbacks, but the point is that we all experience some sort of hardship. I want to encourage all of you by saying “This Too Shall Pass”. I know the situation seems impossible right now, but God will see us through. Life is a day by day process and we have to take it step by step. We must learn to choose our battles and know where our boundaries lie. Allow nothing to keep you in a place of impossibility. There is nothing in life, that could ever happen, that God cannot fix. We must know when to let stuff go. It is extremely unhealthy to hold onto toxic thoughts because we only poison ourselves. Therefore, the next time a difficult situation arises in your life just say: “this too shall pass”. It may take days, weeks, months, minutes, or hours, but utter those words. Our words and reactions determine how long we are in our situations. I have lived some life and found out that nothing remains the same.  I found myself saying, this too shall pass, not even 24 hours ago. Let us purpose to live our best lives in spite of what comes our way.

God Why?

This is a very interesting question that is asked many times. The known cliche is, “You can’t question God”, but that is a false statement. A relationship would not progress if communication was not involved. God calls us his friends and he desires to talk to us. There are questionable events that occur in our lives. The truth is that we want to know God why did this happen to us. It is okay to ask him questions about things we don’t understand. I often ask God why does babies and small children die from cancer? God why do some people get blessed with children and then kill them? I often ask God why is that family experiencing so much hurt and pain? God why do natural disasters exist? There are many of us that ask those same questions on a daily basis. I am only telling each of you that it is okay to ask God why? Be fearless and ask our creator as many questions as you need to.

Do Gooders!

Good evening to all.  I want to write what is on my mind. The phrase seems like a person who does everything perfectly. I would like to shed some enlightment about Do Gooders! These are people who purpose in their hearts to just do good in life no matter the situation. Everyone is capable of showing any emotion they would like to, but it takes a special person to be this way. We must realize that life will yield moments of uncertainty, sadness, anger, discontentment, and hurt for each of us. However we cannot allow those emotions to stop us from doing good. Be determined to do good even when it seems to be unpopular. In a world to where we could act any way, be a do gooder! What we dish out in any atmosphere will most certainly find its way right back to us. We all will reap whatever we decide to sow. How about sowing good seeds daily? It is a promise that your harvest will be all good. I am reminded of Romans 8:28 which says, “For we know all things work together for the good of those who love the Lord and are called according to his purpose”. If you are called then being a do gooder has a purpose.

Dreams Prepare Us

What in the world was that I just seen in my sleep? Have you ever asked yourself those questions after a nice rest? Well then I am not alone out here. Our dreams tend to feel so real and at times they can be scary. I have found out that our dreams can prepare us for what will happen in the near future. It is not wisdom to ignore our dreams. God speaks to us in our sleeping hours because he is trying to download his plans into our spirits. Take heed to it even if you don’t fully understand what is going on. Don’t be afraid to embrace what God shows you. After all who better to prep you than the creator himself? The next time you dream write it down, ask God for clarity, and get busy doing whatever he instructed you to do.