Don’t Lose Momentum

Imagine your favorite activity you did as a small child. What does that look like for you? I can remember my white 12 speed bike that my parents surprised me with one Christmas. I believe I was 8 years old and I was excited to be able to ride a bigger bike. My dad taught me how to be fearless of going down hills. We had this big hill, up from our house, and I decided to conquer it one day. The bike was moving fast and I had to learn to deal with the building momentum of the speed.

My cousins and I would play in the snow during the winter months. We had sleds that would glide down those hills at a rapid speed. It was so exciting because we anticipated the momentum of speed that those sleds accumulated.

What assignment has God given you to complete in life? Have you heard God say, “Don’t Lose Momentum” pertaining to your assignment?  I personally have sat down on my creativity of writing for too many seasons. As God is thrusting me forward, in this season, I can hear him say, “don’t lose the momentum”, but keep going daughter. I have to write daily so I don’t become lazy in my writings. God has purpose for us to move at his speed. I know what procrastination and stagnation can do to any assignment that God gives us. It only yields frustration in our lives; however, it is much easier to keep up “The God Pace.”

There is a consistency that God wants us all to maintain in our lives. None of us can afford to slow down in this season. It is a wise choice to obey God quickly because we don’t know what we are sacrificing by moving too slow.

1 Samuel 15:22 (The Voice) Does the Eternal One delight in sacrifices and burnt offerings as much as in perfect obedience to His voice? Be certain of this: that obedience is better than sacrifice; to heed His voice is better than offering the fat of rams.

I will not interrupt God’s flow in my life. Do I have any witnesses out there that can vow the same thing? When we lose momentum or don’t fulfill our Godly assignments, we delay our destiny. There are people that God has assigned to our lives. They will be rerouted if we aren t flowing consistently in our destiny.

Don’t lose momentum in what God has called you to do. You never know whose life will be impacted by you staying the course. Our lives are for his glory. Let us all have a made up mind to keep pressing forward in our destiny.



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